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Best of February

Leather boots. Level skies. Lingerie. All good.

  • 28 February 2014

The storied Italian denim company’s webby negozio showcases European heritage pieces with modern touches. Think pre-scuffed waxed leather desert boots and woolen herringbone trousers. Check it out.

Think of these NYC watch newcomers as this year’s Shinola: an upstart brand focused on quality, clean design and handsome ruggedness, all at an affordable price. Check it out.

Level SkiesLevelSkies
The travel engine for anyone with an ever-changing itinerary. The service allows you to “lock in” a ticket price with pretty much no repercussions. Price goes up? Still get your locked-in price. Check it out.

The Gun BoxThe Gun Box
The Box is a mini-safe for almost every type of handgun on the market. Each box is equipped with a personalized RFID scanner, allowing you (and only you) access to your gun. Check it out.

RhoneRhone Apparel
High-end athletic shirts, shorts and pants constructed — in part — from AG47 military tech, a fancy bit of gobbledygook that means silver threading that kills sweat bacteria. Check it out.

And from our Booze and Underoos Department:

Sex SurveySex Survey Results
A month ago we asked you to answer a few questions about sex. Over 10,000 of you responded. Then we tabulated the results and cross-referenced them by relationship status and location. Check it out.

Winter Cocktail QuarterlyWinter Cocktail Quarterly
In the winter, nothing’ll warm you like a woman’s love. Failing that, a stiff drink. So we compiled some recipes for our Cocktail Quarterly, also known as the let’s-just-stay-inside-and-drink edition. Check it out.

Lingerie GuideLingerie Buying Guide
Purchasing frilly bedroom-wear is a riddle of Rumsfeldian proportions. But there are a few simple things every man can do to ease his (and her) pain. Herein: those things. Happy shopping. Check it out.

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