You May Die Finishing This Race
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You May Die Finishing This Race

But worth it. Also: prep for Mother’s Day.

  • 30 April 2015

Spring Workout9 Spring Workout Essentials
Running and cycling glasses plucked from the future, a real life wellness coach on your smartphone and something called a “death race”... just a few of the ways to help you (un)round back into form this spring.
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Mother's Day20 Things Only a Mother Could Love
Inside our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, you’ll find 20 carefully selected presents. Silk robe? Got it. Chanel face cream? That too. Fried okra, peach preserves and Moon Pies? We got that mom covered.
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Home SecurityHome Security Tools For the Vigilant Man
Thanks to whiz-bang new technology, you can monitor your own abode rather than outsourcing it. And these seven devices? Out-of-the-box easy. Just power them on and pair ‘em with your WiFi and smartphone. Check it out.

AlaskaFishing Club. You Should Join.
You don’t go to the woods to “rough it.” You go to smooth it. Helping you smooth: the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, a luxurious angling lodge in Alaska with VIP service and the best fishing you’ll get this summer. Check it out.

DerbyYour Kentucky Derby Cocktail Guide
Here, your rhyme and verse to Derby Day, starting with a re-introduction to the Mint Julep, fun facts on how to tipple like a Grandstand veteran and seven Derby-approved cocktail recipes. Check it out.

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