The 20 Best Holiday Sweaters, Sorted by Occasion

Midnight mass: check. Hometown bar crawl: also check.

By The Editors

The 20 Best Holiday Sweaters, Sorted by Occasion
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13 December 2017

The heyday of the ugly sweater may be behind us (looking at you, '90s), but the holiday sweater will never die.

Because it’s winter, and knitwear satisfies both your need to not freeze to death and your need to look fly at parties.

To wit: 20 of our favorites, sorted by every occasion you’ve got on your schedule for the rest of the month. From tasteful cable knits to reindeer-printed cardigans, go ‘head and call yourself the Christmas Cheermeister. (And don't worry, we didn’t forget Hanukkah, either.)

Fair (ha) warning: as noted in last year’s roundup, the term “Fair Isle” is used in many of the names, but not all of these sweaters abide by that Scottish knitting technique.

Holiday Sweaters 1 (2 images)

For the office party ...
1. 1A Cable Crew in Wine by Inverallan ($279)
2. Cable-Knit Merino Wool and Cashmere-Blend Sweater by Mr. P ($360)

Holiday Sweaters 2 (2 images)

For the annual family photo ...
3. Alta Fair Isle Wool Sweater by J. Crew ($100)
4. Case Fair Isle Crew Knit by Barbour ($149)

Holiday Sweaters 3 (2 images)

For driving around to buy presents at the last minute …
5. Lightweight Wool Crew Neck Sweater by Bonobos ($168)
6. North Sweatshirt in Heathered Grey by Askov Finlayson ($85)

Holiday Sweaters 4 (2 images)

For catching up with old friends over coffee ...
7. The Wool-Cashmere Rib Mockneck by Everlane ($115)
8. Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater by Uniqlo ($99.90)

Holiday Sweaters 5 (2 images)

For feeding the reindeer and dog sledding …
9. Reindeer Hand Knit Zip Cowichan by Faherty ($298)
10. Hare Jacquard-Knit Wool Sweater by Cordings ($250)

Holiday Sweaters 6 (2 images)

For layering before snowball fights …
11. Wool-Alpaca-Blend Fair Isle Sweater by Brooks Brothers ($118)
12. Two-Tone Wool Sweater by J. Crew ($90)

Holiday Sweaters 7 (2 images)

For midnight mass ....
13. Painted Hills Crew by Pendleton ($139)
14. Space Oddity Crew by Howlin’ ($235)

Holiday Sweaters 8 (2 images)

For the “best ugly sweater” party ...
15. Crackling Fireplace Smartphone Sweater by Morphsuits ($27.45)
16. A Christmas Story Light-Up Leg Lamp by Ugly Christmas Sweater ($66)

Holiday Sweaters 9 (2 images)

For the Hanukkah celebrations …
17. Menorah Octopus by Whoopi ($89)
18. Champ Hanukkah Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel ($58)

Holiday Sweaters 10 (2 images)

For the hometown bar crawl ...
19. Santa Street Fighter by Blizzard Bay ($60)
20. Drinking Game Christmas Sweater by Tipsy Elves ($60)

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