12 Superior Flasks and Travel Cups for Every Type of Adventure

Copper or steel? Personal or shareable? Office or mountaintop?

By Alex Lauer

12 Superior Flasks and Travel Cups for Every Type of Adventure
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24 January 2018

The words “everyday carry” conjure up visions of custodian-grade keychains and Frankensteinian multitools.

But when you’re leaving for the day, or a day trip, what do you grab before your bottle-opener-firestarter-knife? Keys, phone, wallet … and travel mug.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite travel cups and flasks, sorted by the situation that each best accommodates, from campsites to hotel suites. A couple criteria: no plastic (because no one wants polyethylene-tinged whiskey) and nothing over $200 (because you should be able to drop these without having a heart attack).

Flasks 1 (2 images)

For camping with a group ...
Flask: Barbour Five-Piece Tartan Set
Travel Mug: Stanley Master Vacuum Bottle

Flasks 2 (2 images)

For going from work to wherever the night takes you ...
Flask: Areaware Liquid Body Flask
Travel Mug: Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Flasks 3 (2 images)

For your flight (and going through security) ...
Flask: Sir Jack’s Pewter Captive Top Flask
Travel Mug: Contigo Autoseal West Loop

Flasks 4 (2 images)

For a day trip with the lady …
Flask: Firelight Flask and Tumblers
Travel Mug: YETI Rambler 30 oz.

Flasks 5 (2 images)

For a solo hike …
Flask: Best Made Co. 10 oz. Flask
Travel Mug: Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug

Flasks 6 (2 images)

For when the journey is the destination ...
Flask: Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask
Travel Mug: Thermos Stainless Steel King

Main photo courtesy of High Camp

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