Affordable Wetsuits and Ski Gear? That's a First.

Patagonia quality. Ballpark poncho prices.

By Reuben Brody

Affordable Wetsuits and Ski Gear? That's a First.
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07 July 2017

Outdoor gear and apparel is pricy because it’s well made.

... or so they say.

In reality, it might be those baked-in marketing dollars (pro endorsements ain’t cheap) that make your boardies and wetsuits so damn expensive.

Like most direct-to-consumer brands (Warby Parker; Indochino; Casper), needlessessentials hopes to remove the hidden costs from the price tag of wetsuits, boardshorts and ski jackets. And while we can't vouch for the quality, we can certainly vouch for the price: all their goods go for about 30-50% less than their big brand counterparts.

needlessessentials (6 images)

Their first collection comes in all matte black (another cost saver), but uses PrimaLoft, limestone neoprene, four-way stretch and YKK zippers that make the final product resilient and reliable.

They’re also making a zinc sunblock that works in both the water and on the snow. Zinc — a metal — provides a physical barrier block, meaning it physically shields your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Evidently, your wallet isn’t the only thing needlessessentials is interested in protecting. 

Nota bene: You’ll notice many of the summer items are sold out, but you can set up an alert for when they’re back in stock.

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