A Carry-On Inspired by Bank Vaults

Bank vaults lined with Italian leather, apparently

By Alex Lauer

A Carry-On Inspired by Bank Vaults
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21 June 2017

In today’s air travel free-for-all, even the casual flyer knows how to avoid altercations (take the money for the later flight, have your boarding pass on your phone).

But your luggage? That’s still out of your hands.

That’s one reason why Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano created the Bank Spinner 55 carry-on. The 100% aluminum exterior is ready for the melee that can ensue should it need to be checked at the last minute. But with subtle Italian leather features inside and out, it’s less of a safe and more of the sleek bag you would stuff the money in from a safe in an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist.

bank spinner (3 images)

The suitcase is part of the Bank Collection created in collaboration with award-winning designer Marc Sadler. Although the bags launched at Milan Design Week 2016 and have been for sale from the Italian brand’s website, the 55 (21.26” x 14”) is now available through Uncrate for $1,045 (without shipping from Italy, mind you).

Apart from the rugged aesthetic and features like butterfly locks, integrated TSA locks, and a handsome interior — it’ll also stand out on the luggage carousel and in the overhead bins. And should aluminum be the new trend, Sadler has his own way of personalizing his suitcases.

“I do a lot of traveling. Each time I get a new suitcase, I always spray-paint a massive ‘x’ to identify it on the conveyer belt,” he told Designboom. “With this luggage, they are very unique pieces, which are very visible. But maybe in the future, people will spray-paint them too — that kind of behavior will possibly be a sign of success.”

But if you’re walking around the airport with a bag you spray-painted in your garage, don’t be surprised if somebody sees something and says something.

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