Swiss Army Shovel Does More Than Dig Holes and Drop Jerks

It’s got a chainsaw. Your current shovel definitely doesn’t.

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Swiss Army Shovel Does More Than Dig Holes and Drop Jerks
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19 April 2016

The Swiss Army got the first delivery of their signature multifunctional knives in 1891.

Why this design was not utilized for pretty much everything else infantrymen carry soon thereafter is not immediately clear.

Like, say, a Swiss Army shovel — which is finally here, if 125 years behind schedule.

Weighing in at just three pounds, the BangTi Military Shovel is a 12-in-1 digger that can work as a multifunction flashlight, flint rod firestarter, axe, knife, survival whistle, screwdriver, ruler, tourniquet, hoe and hammer, among other things.

The foldable excavator can also be converted into a specially designed chainsaw which can make short work of firewood and troublesome branches with its bi-directional cutting teeth. With a steel head and aviation-grade aluminum handle, the shovel is sturdy but portable.

The fully loaded unit costs $146 (camo carrying bag included), and there are chainsaw-less models for $90 and $80 available as well.

But why you would want the one without a chainsaw is a conversation for another day.

All images via BangTi Survival

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