You Can't Help Falling in Love With Elvis Presley's Private Jet

On auction: one very groovy plane fit for The King

By Evan Bleier

You Can't Help Falling in Love With Elvis Presley's Private Jet
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26 May 2017

As legend has it, Elvis Presley was once so desperate for a bacon, jelly and peanut butter sandwich he flew from Graceland to Denver in the middle of the night to acquire one.

One thing's for sure: The King did not fly commercial to get there. 

Nope, the man flew private. In fact, Elvis had a couple of private planes, one of which is currently on the auction block.

Featuring interior touches like red shag carpet, red velvet seats, gold-toned hardware and clean woodwork that were picked out by Elvis himself, the 1962 Lockheed JetStar is in the same basic condition it was in when it first rolled onto the tarmac three decades ago.

Elvis plane (4 images)

The plane isn’t in flying condition — the engines have been removed — but it’s still has lots of value and that auction house believes it could fetch as much as $3.5 million.

“This jet has the potential of being restored and being placed on exhibit for the world to come see,” Liveauctioneers say. “It could potentially earn its new owner millions of dollars in exhibit, or entry fees as an attraction.”

If you’ve got a hunka, hunka cash burning a hole in your pocket, the auction goes until May 27th. Should you miss out on it, here’s the Fool’s Gold Sandwich recipe as a consolation prize.

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