Arrowhead: Beautiful, American-Made Wood Furniture

Including: the world’s most handsome porch swings

By The Editors

When Summer Arrives, You’ll Be Sitting in This
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01 February 2016

We know going outside is the last thing on your mind.

But seriously, just look at that porch swing (see below). Then imagine yourself four, five months from now, sitting there, basking in the noonday sun, adult beverage in hand. Maybe a loved one swayin’ by your side.

Giving you this something to look forward to: Arrowhead, a two-man operation out of Durham that builds beautiful wood furniture with real American heritage.

It's a small operation: The two main guys at Arrowhead, Justin Johnson and Matthew Cronheim, mill their own lumber, run their own steel shop and craft their pieces from only local hardwoods (like red oak and walnut), plus salvaged materials from nearby defunct warehouses.

“I’d say we’re drawn to clean, modern designs and traditional forms in turn,” says Cronheim. “We’re all from North Carolina, so our aesthetic is necessarily Southern.”

Their varied backgrounds helped hone the company’s aesthetic: Johnson grew up in a metal fabrication shop, the son of a mechanical engineer. Cronheim was a farmer, and also learned structural carpentry and went on to work as a restoration carpenter in a cabinetry and furniture shop in Raleigh.

Three Arrowhead pieces we like:

Based off of a design that belonged to the grandfather of AH’s co-founder, these sturdy red oak and pine porch swings supply cozy seating for two (reading material slots and cup holders included). No nails or fasteners used: these sitters are held together with sturdy rope.

The Saltire Dining Table, crafted out of 200-year old heart pine and a steel base.

The Hairpin Swivel Stool, beautiful bar chairs built from red oak and mild (low carbon) steel.

Plus, an assortment of walnut beds, dining tables and bookshelves, tripod stools, timber benches, a beautiful “water tank” coffee table made of locally-sawn Red Maple and a salvaged water tank for the base, wood benches and sign paintings.

There’s only a few items directly for sale on the site (like the stool). However, the guys at Arrowhead can recreate any of the designs featured on the site. “All of our work is custom,” says Cronheim. “We show a random sample of completed work on the site, but we encourage customers to reach out directly to us.”

Time to build your summer.

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