The Best Sounding Smart Speaker on the Market Has Never Been Cheaper

For a limited time Apple's HomePod is $100 off

By Kirk Miller

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03 January 2019

Ignoring Apple’s role in our tanking world economy, we bring good news for fans of the Cupertino tech giants.

The HomePod has never been cheaper than it is today.

We mention Apple fanboys for good reason — the HomePod sounds glorious, but you’re somewhat trapped in that company’s ecosystem. You’ll need an iPhone or iPad to run the speaker, and while you can use non-Apple Music apps for tuneage (it’s a myth that you can’t stream Spotify, Amazon Music, et al), the experience is slightly more limited, at least if you want to use voice controls. Speaking of limited ... Siri is no Alexa or Google when it comes to voice assistants.


Having said that, the consensus is that the HomePod is sonically superior to almost all other smart speakers, and if you’re cool with staying within the walled world of Apple, getting a HomePod for $250 with three months of free Apple Music (a $380 value) is the best deal we’ve ever seen. (Best Buy also offers an open box option for a few bucks cheaper).


(H/t 9to5Toys)

Photos: Best Buy; Apple

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