This America's Cup Workout Is Almost as Grueling as the Race Itself

You might throw up. And not because of sea-sickness.

By Alex Lauer

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09 June 2017

In the storied and moneyed world of the America’s Cup, the multi-million dollar catamarans are the center of attention.

But someone’s got to sail them. For the Emirates Team New Zealand, that means intense preparation — pedal-until-you-puke preparation.

In the video above, the team’s physical trainer Hubert Woroniecki talks through the crew’s grueling fitness test. Though it’s all done on stationary bikes — the go-to equipment when you want to take it easy at the gym — these guys blow past your SoulCycle class.

As grinder Andy Maloney puts it, “It’s pain, man. Just pain.” 

The training routine is outlined as a 15-minute warm-up, 12-minute test and 15- to 20-minute cool down. During the test, the Kiwis switch between 20 seconds of max-effort pedaling and 10 seconds of complete rest. Sound easy? Check out the video, then get a look at the detailed workout on D’Marge.

And the expression “no pain, no gain” is certainly holding true here as Emirates Team New Zealand bested Great Britain to advance to the America’s Cup Challenger final against Sweden. As it stands at the time of publication, they're on track to defeat Sweden as well. The winner of that will face off later this month against the defending champion Oracle Team USA.

How intense are these races, exactly? Here’s a clip of New Zealand vs. Great Britain:

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