An Entire Fleet of Classic Roadsters Is Coming Back from the Dead

They don't make 'em like this anymore? Au contraire ...

By Evan Bleier

An Entire Fleet of Classic Roadsters Is Coming Back from the Dead
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30 January 2017

Eleven seconds.

For a 0-60 time, that's about as impressive as the 2017 Pro Bowl ratings.

But the Alvis Car Company had its vehicles clocking 11 seconds before World War II. Back then: very impressive. Now, more than 50 years after they first stopped making cars, the marque is back with a line of continuation models that replicate the supercars that Alvis rode to prominence in decades past.

Built using original works drawings, the made-to-order “Continuation Series” models will feature new hardware designed to match past specs but will have modern tech to meet emissions rules.

Here’s a look at four of ‘em:

The Graber
With an all-aluminum body housing a three-liter engine mated to a five-speed transmission, the four-seat Graber provides safety, slick handling and flexible performance in a stylish package.

The Bertelli
The interior of the two-door coupe is flashy — walnut veneered wood and custom leather — but the real pop comes from the car’s six-cylinder engine and its 110 MPH top speed (1939 specs).  

The Lancefield
A convertible model with a concealed roof, the Lancefield was specially designed for the 1938 London Motor show and the new version (110 top speed) looks and moves just like the original.

The Powys-Lybbe Special
Named for amateur racer Antony Powys-Lybbe, this special build is based on a Beetleback model Alvis rolled out in 1931. Lighter and narrower than the original, the P-L can hit 90 MPH.

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