You Can Own Al Capone's Mansion for $15 Million, If You Must

You may recoup it all once you dig up the flower bed

By Tanner Garrity

You Can Own Al Capone's Mansion for $15 Million. If You Must.
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23 April 2018

The mansion where Al Capone purportedly planned the notorious Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is now on the market, and could be yours for $15 million

Though hopefully all you'll be planning on its exquisite grounds is your next cocktail party. 

The residence, dubbed 93 Palm, is a recently refurbished, 36,000-square-foot compound on Palm Island in Miami Beach, a man-made islet overlooking Biscayne Bay. Capone originally acquired the lot on his release from Alcatraz in 1928, purchasing it under his wife’s name for $40,000. He then added a few elements to showcase his personal style, including a coral rock grotto, cabana … and seven-foot-high perimeter wall with searchlights.

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The property's changed hands several times since the mobster died in the home in 1947, but recent developments have it stealing more sunshine than ever, with 100 square feet of water frontage, a gorgeous cabana that overlooks both the pool and the bay, and a timeless neoclassical main house. It has, on past occasions, served as a site for high-fashion photo shoots and video production, but as of this week, it needs a new owner. If interested (and fully understanding that this will add you to the annals of Floridian weirdom), find more booking info here.

One word of advice on arrival: Don’t open the basement freezer.

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