Pro: This Drone Fits in a Smartphone Case

Con: It's basically a flying selfie stick

By Evan Bleier

Pro: This Drone Fits in a Smartphone Case
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21 November 2016

When Coca-Cola unveiled its “selfie bottle” earlier this week, we thought the selfie zeitgeist had reach an all-time low.

Sadly, another contender has reared its pint-sized head.

A flying quadcopter that fits inside a custom smartphone case to charge, the pocket-size AirSelfie is outfitted with an HD camera that users can control with an iOS or Android app.

Equipped with fans that allow it to hover so it can capture the perfect shot, the drone can fly itself or be piloted by its owner using a virtual joystick to heights of up to 65 feet. Able to take pictures or video, the AirSelfie can fly for three minutes and recharge in 30.

Made for people who were “uninspired by one-armed selfies or the selfie stick,” the AirSelfie lets users get “wide-angle photos, indoors and out, from a totally boundless perspective: the sky.”

As cool as the notion of a wallet-sized drone is on first glance, it literally does nothing but take selfies. Accordingly, we wouldn’t pay a plugged nickel for one.

Seems the money-spending public disagrees, though: the AirSelfie is well on its way to meeting its $48,000 Kickstarter goal at $190 a pop.

A sad day for selfie-respecting people.  

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