Flying to Asia Is About to Get a Helluva Lot Cheaper

Flying Transpacific just got a helluva lot cheaper

By Diane Rommel

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27 January 2017

This is seriously good news for anyone looking to bounce on the Banana Pancake Trail, tour Tokyo, check out Chiang Mai, or any less alliterative Asian travel:

AirAsia X is coming to the U.S. 

The Federal Aviation Authority has cleared the low-cost carrier — known as the JetBlue of Asia — to operate passenger flights to and from U.S. soil. AirAsia X is the long-haul wing of AirAsia, which is based in Kuala Lumpur. Both carriers are perennial contenders for world's-top-airline awards

So what's this mean for us? Expect AirAsia X to operate the lowest-cost fares between Asia — KL, one would think — and "several US states" (Hawaii is likely first up). From Kuala Lumpur, AirAsia (or other low-cost Asian brands) can get you to anywhere from Nagano to Sydney for cheap. 

We've actually flown long-haul on AirAsiaX, from KL to London: nothing special, but a rock-bottom fare. We'd happily do it again ... for the price. Get us on AirAsia X from LAX to Tokyo via Honolulu, and JetBlue to Rio from Miami, and basically all of our low-cost dreams will come true.

Viva la low-cost revolución! 

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