A Sound System that Combines Carbon Fiber and Alien Tech

For an out-of-this-world $272,000, it’s yours

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A Sound System that Combines Carbon Fiber and Alien Tech
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01 February 2016

Sound so good it’s considered “unattainable.”

Sound so good you’d need alien technology.

In a sense, this is the pitch of the brand-new YAR sound system.

Which is not unattainable … provided you have about $270K.

Designed to let audio connoisseurs experience what it’s like to be centerstage with each listen, the YAR system from Italian startup entrepreneur Adriano Marconetto and pro pianist Giancarlo Sopegno is available after four years of design, during which more than a dozen prototypes were scrapped.

The system — which includes carbon fiber wiring, an integrated B-yond amplifier, two Y-der loudspeakers and a FEELD stand — was originally only going to be available by word of mouth and at special events, but the designers evidently had a change of heart.

Serious audiophiles now have the opportunity to reserve one of the 100 limited edition handcrafted units, for a cool $272,000.

Named after Russia’s equivalent of Area 51, each YAR system will be customized with a variety of wood, aluminium, titanium, silver and gold finishings, engraved with its owner’s signature and delivered and installed by a trained sound specialist.

The YAR’s link to UFOs goes deeper than its name, as many of its components and materials are provided by high-end suppliers from the aeronautics and space technologies industries.

“My interest in UFOs reflects my interest in the unattainable,” Sopegno says. “People think UFOs do not exist, and that music cannot be replicated as it is in nature. But I believe they do, and that it can.”

Listen up: the truth is out there.

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