A Chess Grandmaster’s Advice on Problem-Solving? Work Backwards.

Take away the board. This little trick can help you in life.

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A Chess Grandmaster’s Advice on Problem-Solving? Work Backwards.
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25 May 2016

“When you're dead, I already knew like 10 moves ago. Because I knew where we were going."

So how does international chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley know where the heck we’re going?

A thing called retrograde analysis. Translation: working backward.

In order to make endgame more simple, grandmasters like Ashley look ahead to prepare for potential problems on the chessboard in order to solve them before they even appear.

While that technique is useful in chess, it also could be worth using on your next project.

Here’s how:

Start at the end
Think about everything you’ll need to complete the final few steps of your project and then work backwards to make sure you’ll have enough time, resources and help to accomplish you goal.

Break it down
When it comes to decision making, less can be more. By simplifying the number of choices in your life, you’ll make it easier to use your energy on the option you pick instead of the picking process.

Tilt the playing field
If you can identify your strengths — as well as your weaknesses — you can put yourself in situations where you’re destined for success and avoid ones where you’re more likely to fail.

Unlike this trash-talking Washington Square Park chess guru …

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