A Brief Guide to the World’s Most Exclusive Speakeasies

Included: a $25k/year members-only club at Disneyland

By The Editors

A Brief Guide to the World’s Most Exclusive Speakeasies
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18 February 2016

Whether by way of password, a secret knock or some good old-fashioned greasing, gaining access to speakeasies has always required some extra effort.

Here’s a look at seven of the most exclusive underground juice joints in the world, and what they’re doing to help keep their exclusive clientele in and the riffraff out.

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Club 33 at Disneyland, Orange County
Individuals who buy a membership for $25,000 and plunk down an annual fee of $12,000 get access to eat $100 six-course meals in the company of original Disney artist drawings, a harpsichord that’s been played by a pair of British knights (Sirs McCartney and John) and 499 other moneyed Mickey Mouse maniacs — there are only 500 members.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency, London
Entering Evans & Peel’s location in Earl’s Court requires making an appointment to meet with one of the agency’s “detectives” at the office. Though the firm officially specializes in “blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection,” it also offers customers entry to an amply stocked and well-tended bar hidden behind a bookcase.

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Himitsu, Atlanta
In order to get past security and into the 60-seat Himitsu bar and lounge, you’ll first have to email for a reservation and then deliver a passcode at the door. If that seems like an excessive procedure to get into British designer Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio first U.S. hospitality project, at least you won’t have to do it more than once: repeat guests can put laser scans of their eyes on file.

Floreria Atlántico, Buenos Aires
While guests don’t have to do or pay anything extravagant to gain access to this boozy basement bar, they do have to find it. Hidden underneath a florist shop in the city's Retiro neighborhood that also coincidentally happens to sell wine, the entrance to Floreria Atlantico is a refrigerator that contains something a lot better than leftovers.

The Chapter Room, Atlanta
While joining this craft brew-themed speakeasy doesn’t require a blood oath or sacrifice of your first born, it does require beer lovers to become members of the Brewniversity loyalty club. Anyone lucky enough to find the sudsy speakeasy (it’s in the basement of a Taco Mac) would be wise to seek out the club’s “overseer,” who “holds the secret to unlocking the joy of high spirits.”

Hanson's Shoe Repair, Orlando
Getting into this former cobbler's shop requires guests to call up and “speak easily” while requesting a reservation. Once that step is completed, a passcode will be sent via text. Recipients can use it to gain access to specials like the “Wall Streeter,” “Boot & Biddle” and “Clean Sweep.”

Yours Sincerely, Brooklyn
While the only thing preventing anyone from finding this place is a downed L train, the services offered inside — in addition to their curiously good draft cocktails — are the stuff of mystery. One thing we do know: there’s a guy that will do your income taxes for $135 an hour and the cost of a drink. Turns out ABV and IRS mix well. Who knew?

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