This 2018 Bugatti Chiron Is Looking for a New Forever Home

Who gets tired of a Bugatti after just 240 miles?

By Evan Bleier

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13 August 2018

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It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

With all due respect to Albert Einstein or whichever genius actually made up that definition, we’d argue the definition of insanity is selling a 2018 Bugatti Chiron while it’s still 2000-friggin’-18.

Nevertheless, someone who should be hanging out with Chief, McMurphy, and Nurse Ratched is doing just that at the upcoming Quail Lodge Auction on August 24 in California via Bonhams.

The Chiron in question, chassis No. 795073 was delivered from Bugattii’s factory in the Alsace region of France to the U.S. in August of last year. Clad in two tones of blue which are fairly common for the uncommon car, this particular model has a relatively rare black leather interior.

Featuring some blue stitching and quilting within to offset the black, the model also has its diamond-cut wheels decked out in Atlantic Blue and brake calipers painted French Racing Blue.

Bugatti Chiron (4 images)

The contrasting colors are great, but what really makes this Chiron so appealing — other than that, you know, it is a Chiron — is it only has 480 miles on its odometer.

Better still, about half of those are factory test miles. Only about 240 of ’em come from road driving. Translation? Factory fresh.

As for the Chiron line in general, they’re 1,500-horsepower beasts made up of 1,800 individual parts which are fitted together by hand by 20 specialists over the course of nine months.

Powered by an eight-liter 16-cylinder engine equipped with four turbochargers that give the speed machine plenty of get-up and a heaping of go, the Chiron tops out at 261 miles per hour, according to Bugatti.

Riding on an active chassis which provides shock damping and varying ride height, the all-wheel-drive monster has five different drive modes, including a “Top Speed” setting which is initiated with a separate piece of hardware called the “Speed Key,” of course.

In short, everything about the hypercar is pretty and fast – except the airbags.

As for chassis No. 795073 in particular, Bonhams calls its a model with “pristine beauty” that “deserves the ownership of a serious motoring enthusiast” but would also be “a high-performance exclamation mark to any collection.”

“This exquisitely optioned example in beautiful and fitting livery is the epitome of hypercar achievements,” according to Bonhams. “Its sale presents an incredible opportunity to acquire what many consider to be the ultimate road-going machine.”

If you plan on bidding, bring your checkbook. The car is expected to fetch anywhere from $3.3-$3.9 million.

And remember, a high-speed race track is not included.

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