On This Up-For-Grabs ‘87 Mercedes 240GD, Orange Is the New Black

Restored in Europe, brought stateside, now up for auction

By Alex Lauer

According to This Up-For-Grabs ‘87 Mercedes 240GD, Orange Is the New Black
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09 January 2019

Thanks to Halloween, the orange and black color scheme is almost impossible to pull off outside the month of October. The only uses we can full-heartedly endorse are tigers, monarch butterflies, that Filson cooler and, now, this old-school convertible G-Wagen.

To be exact, this pumpkin-king chariot is a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 240GD that was recently restored across the pond, then brought stateside where it’ll go up for a no-reserve auction this month during Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale sale.

There is, of course, much more to this classic convertible SUV than a fresh coat and foreign ancestry that led it to the respected house’s Arizona Auction Week slate. The restoration includes a brand-new soft-top, two-tone leather interior, power steering, Brembo brakes, Ironman shocks, as well as the absolute necessities: BFGoodrich tires and waterproof speakers, natch.

Mercedes 240GD Auction (6 images)

The real miracle here, though, isn’t the upgrades, it’s the overall condition. These things were often shipped off to various militaries to get beat to hell. This one has a respectable 50,500 miles, but is in tip-top condition. That said, since we haven’t personally taken her for a spin, we can’t comment on whether or not the restoration helps it drive better than “a wheelchair towing a sailboat.”

Even if you aren’t heading down to Arizona Auction Week, Barrett-Jackson offers a variety of ways to long-distance bid. So no matter where you reside, before the month is out, any one of you could be the proud owner of a custom “UV Matte Orange” 4x4 and a shoo-in for grand marshal at this year’s All Hallows’ Eve parade.

All images via Barrett-Jackson

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