You're Looking at One of Just 404 Droptop '68 Shelby GT350s Ever Built

It even has air conditioning, which seems excessive

By Tanner Garrity

You're Looking at One of Just 404 Droptop '68 Shelby GT350s Ever Built
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07 May 2018

Cars these days tend to come with an owner's manual as thick as a farmer's almanac.

You've got your infotainment system. Five or six different drive “modes” to help you navigate various and sundry terrains and road conditions. And a spate of safety features so breathless and daunting that you'll begin to wonder if you should even be driving a car, much less this one.

But it was not always so. Once upon a time, cars were simple — but no less impressive. Consider this 1968 Shelby GT350, which just sold through a Sotheby’s auction for $111,100. The car’s description? “Four-speed manual transmission. Carroll Shelby signed dash. One of 404 1968 Shelby GT350 Convertibles [ever made].”

And just for good measure: “Air conditioning.”

shelby (3 images)

One look at the car (which was indeed signed by the late automotive designer and father of Ford Mustangs, Carroll Shelby) tells you why it saw such a limited production run in its era, and remains an object of veneration in this one. Finished in a rich ocean blue with those signature racing stripes that run along the frame, the Shelby is an unapologetic looker, accented with chrome and made especially unique by a pair of grill-mounted high beams. 

The interior, meanwhile, features two plush black leather seats, a gear knob, the Shelby-signed dash and the AC unit — which, considering it was singled out, must be world-class.

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