15 Unsung American Destinations That Outperform the Big Boys

From a Cali BBQ haven to a NOLA-besting street party scene

By Tanner Garrity

15 Unsung American Destinations That Outperform the Big Boys
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12 October 2018

City stereotypes aren’t all smoke and mirrors.

New York really does pack 40 theaters into five square blocks. Austin smokes a helluva brisket. And you can’t walk a mile in Denver without passing a weed shop.

But following the masses on your next long weekend isn’t just narrow-minded: it also tends to be more costly and crowded. It’s like waiting six minutes to spend $10 on an airport Heineken: they’ve got you right where they want you, and charge accordingly.

So in the spirit of discovery, we’d like to propose 15 alternative American destinations, aka cities that serve up a particular amenity (say, live music) just as well as their more ballyhooed counterparts. Think touring wine country in Oregon. Surfing on Long Island. Or swigging from an open container in a Southern city that isn’t New Orleans.

And we’ve added a global alternative for each, too, just in case you’ve got cabin fever.

Instead of Austin, TX, head to ... San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO is a sleepy Cali coastline tri-tip grilling haven (triangular pieces of beef cut from the sirloin, grilled on the edges to a dark crust) and a welcome change of pace from the Southern BBQ scene … Head to Old San Luis BBQ Company for tri-tip sliders … Run it back with a tri-tip sandwich at Firestone Grill (or grab an ABC burger) … If you’re still hungry try Rib Line or Mo’s Smokehouse … Oh and the views shouldn’t be too bad, either.
Or book a flight to ... Argentina
Image from Rib Line

Coffee Culture
Instead of Seattle, WA, head to … Ann Arbor, MI
Someone ring up Jerry Seinfeld: college towns are java wonderlands … Seek out Black Eye Diesel Coffee for beans from Michigan roasters … Literati Coffee for a poetry reading alongside your espresso ... Comet Coffee for some epic pour-over ... Or Shinola Cafe, a basement hideaway under the leather and watchmakers’ local outpost … And you’ll stay at the Graduate Hotel, home of — you guessed it — Poindexter Coffee.
Or book a flight to ... Ethiopia
Image from Black Eye Diesel Coffee

Live Music
Instead of Nashville, TN, head to ... Jackson, MS
Reintroducing The City of Soul … First, head to Duling Hall, a stained-glass elementary school turned concert venue, for country, blues and jazz … Hungry? Try Underground 119 for bites and blues in a basement setting … More of a festival guy? Cathead Distillery hosts one every summer … And there’s also Spacecamp for some alternative rock tunage.
Or book a flight to ... Australia
Image from Cathead Distillery

Instead of Portland, OR, head to … Asheville, NC
Welcome to the Southern stopover everyone should be talking about … Sovereign Remedies serves up dishes from local farmers/foragers, from jalapeno pig ears to shrimp sausage … Cúrate’s an old bus depot that now churns out mouthwatering Spanish tapas … Biscuit Head’s got you covered on, uh, biscuits (and fried chicken) … And try Wicked Weed, Asheville Brewing or Hi-Wire Brewing for craft beer.
Or book a flight to ... Denmark
Image from Cúrate

Lake Life
Instead of Minnesota, head to … Idaho
Minnesota’s the Land of 10,000 Lakes and New York’s got George and Placid, but believe it or not, there’s plenty of freshwater fun to be had out in Idaho … Book a summer cabin at either Hill’s Resort or Elkins in Priest Lake … Then visit Lake Pend Oreille, the state’s largest and the nation’s fifth deepest (100+ miles of its shoreline is rugged mountains) … Spend a couple nights at Redfish Lake, situated at the base of the Sawtooth National Rec Area … And don’t forget C.J. Strike Resevoir for watersports galore.
Or book a flight to ... Uganda
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Outdoor Adventure
Instead of Boulder, CO, head to … Santa Fe, NM
Fuel up with a world-renowned breakfast burrito and get going. Plan a six-mile out-and-back hike to the summit of Atalaya Mountain … Snap some shots of volcanic cinder cones along the Petroglyph National Monument … Bike through Carson National Forest on the South Boundary Trail … Hitch a cycling tour with Taos Bike Tours while you're at it ... And once the temp drops, hit up Ski Santa Fe for some New Mexican pow pow.
Or book a flight to ... Chile
Image from Taos Bike Tours


The Performing Arts
Instead of New York, NY, head to … Louisville, KY
Louisville offers more than just baseball bats … Start at the Actors Theatre, which has been around for 55 years and puts on 30 shows a year, while also hosting an ace apprentice program … The Humana Festival of American Plays is approaching its 43rd year in operation (three previous plays have won the Pulitzer Prize) … Other notables: Louisville Theater for Broadway shows and Kentucky Center for the Arts for plays, comedy specials and concerts.
Or book a flight to ... Scotland
Image from Actors Theatre

Instead of Scottsdale, AZ head to … The Ozarks, AR/MO
It’s hard to relax when Arizona wants half of your bonus. Instead, try the Ozarks, starting with Beckham Creek Cave, a private lodge built into a mountainside with 260 acres of wilderness to explore … Then stay the weekend at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO, soon to boast courses designed by Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods … You can also mix meditations and massages at Spa Shiki or Old Kinderhook.
Or book a flight to ... Finland
Image from Big Cedar Lodge

Race-Car Driving
Instead of Indianapolis, IN head to … Sacramento Valley, CA
No more tailgates! Time to get behind the wheel yourself ... Check out Thunderhill Raceway Park in Glenn County, California. It can be rented out for racing, drifting, go-karting, driving schools, commercials, weddings, you name it … The city also hosts a pretty cool lights festival when there aren’t cars on the road.
Or book a flight to … Austria
Image from Thunderhill Raceway Park

Salmon Fishing
Instead of Alaska, head to … Washington
It’s tough to replicate Alaska’s legendary salmon fishing, but Washington gives the Lower 48 a fighting chance … Head to Neah Bay in July for Chinook salmon up to 50-lbs, and to Skagit River in September (on odd years) to catch pink salmon … Washington newbs should stay at the Sun Mountain Lodge to enjoy an array of outdoor fun.
Or book a flight to ... Japan
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Street Parties
Instead of New Orleans, head to … Savannah, GA
One of the few places in this puritanical country with relaxed open-container laws — so long as you remain in the Historic District and keep your drink in a plastic 16-ounce cup, you’re good to go … Head to the city for one of its many Irish celebrations (Irish Festival, Greening of the Fountain, St. Pat’s) … Or, for traditional indoor drinking, visit dive bar The Rail Pub or Treylor Park.
Or book a flight to ... Croatia
Image from Savannah.com

Surfing, Brah
Instead of Southern California, head to … Montauk, NY
Welcome to The End, perfect for all manner of surfer, from barneys to bros … Head to either Ditch Plains Beach for some reliable waves or to Terrace to avoid the crowds … Stay at The Crow’s Nest for laidback digs and/or stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Montauk … Hawk a longboard or beach cruiser into town and pick up some grub at The Hideaway (Mexican, BBQ, seafood) or Herb’s Market (fried chicken).
Or book a flight to ... South Africa
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Theme Parks
Instead of Orlando, FL, head to … Carlsbad, CA
You can do better than the Mouse’s kingdom, people! … Carlsbad is home to LEGOLAND (expect dinosaurs, cities, presidents all made of the little blocks), which also has a waterpark … If you haven’t sworn off aquariums, Sea Life is also an option … Once the kids are sick of the park, drag ‘em to Carlsbad Ranch and its yellow-and-red flower fields … And North Ponto Beach is sure to please.
Or book a flight to ... Hong Kong
Image from LEGOLAND

Weed Haven
Instead of Denver, CO, head to … Burlington, VT
Rejoice, Vermont has joined the list of legal states (so long as you avoid smoking on Lake Champlain, in public parks, etc.) ... Book a stay at the Mt. Philo Inn, a “Bud and Breakfast” just 30 minutes outside of downtown Burlington … Visit the Champlain Valley Dispensary for provisions ... Spend an afternoon biking the Burlington Path … Meet your appetite with a pastry or two from August First.
Or book a flight to ... Costa Rica
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Wine Country
Instead of Napa Valley, CA head to … Willamette Valley, OR
A 150-mile valley packed with more than 500 wineries, Willamette is a slice of Pinot noir paradise … Spend a few nights at the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard or the equally well-appointed Atticus Hotel … Visit three to four wineries on an exclusive tour with Backcountry Wine Tours … Check out the preposterous waterfall in Silver Falls State Park to extend the whole “pouring” theme.
Or book a flight to ... Uruguay
Image from Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard

Main image from Getty/Victor Cardoner

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