$10k Picnic Table Looks, Functions Eerily Similar to a Boat

Mostly because it is one. It’s also 100% electric.

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$10k Picnic Table Looks, Functions Eerily Similar to a Boat
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05 February 2016

Here’s an abbreviated list of the best ways to make a woman excuse the fact that you frequently leave the toilet seat up and might have sort of accidentally DVR’d Die Hard over The Bachelor finale:

3) Surprise picnic

2) Sunset boat cruise

1) All of the above

Celebrating the third in one 16-foot, highly attractive unit: the Rand Picnic Sport.

The Danish boat features an elegantly rounded hull and adjustable Kebony wood table that can seat up to 10 people for supper at sea before stowing away to function as a sundeck post-prandially.

Under the hood? An electric engine that runs on rechargeable lithium batteries that draw some of their wattage from onboard solar cells. Gets about 16 hours of juice per charge.

Rand Boats - Picnic 0:38

And since the $14,500 boat reaches a max speed of just eight miles per hour while topping out at 25 HP, you won’t need a license or any other certificates to get behind the tiller. Rand also offers add-ons like a stereo system, custom cushions and an upgrade to a full Kebony deck.

Sail away.

The Specifics

Rand Picnic Sport

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