If You Spot a UFO, It's Probably This 1,000-Watt Drone

This thing is seriously lit

By The Editors

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17 October 2016

If this new drone ever gets off the ground, it will likely lead to some close encounters of the third kind (or at least the second), due to a 1,000-watt LED system that can light up the night sky.

In a post on the site, YouTube user rctestflight demonstrated what happens when a Freefly Alta 8 drone is outfitted with a LED light bar capable of producing 1,000 watts.

Due to the substantial amount of power the Yuji LED system eats up, the drone isn’t capable of staying airborne for long, but when it’s operational, it basically functions like a mobile spotlight.

The illuminated octocopter isn’t going to get the drop on anyone, because it’s noisy as all hell, but the weird sounds that emanate from it totally add to the drone’s overall “unidentifiable” vibe.

The truth is up there.

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