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  • Grand Budapest Hotel

    WATCH: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The adventures of a concierge and lobby boy at a famous European hotel. Wes Anderson’s most Wes Anderson movie yet. (Released March 7)

  • Books March 2014

    READ: March's Reading List

    How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam
    From international dining etiquette to resisting shark attacks, herein lie 101 things every interesting man should know.(Released March 18)

    The Heaven of Animals
    Award-winning David James Poissant explores the bonds and boundaries of family in a tale of violence, love and Southern hilarity. (Released March 11)

    Made to Break
    After getting stranded in their Lake Tahoe cabin, five friends are forced to confront their past transgressions. (Released March 18)

    Blood Will Out
    The true story from author Walter Kim, who inadvertently befriended a child kidnapper and murderer who copied his crimes from books and movies. (Released March 10)

  • Enemy

    WATCH: Enemy

    Re-teaming with director Dennis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a university professor who discovers his doppelganger. Very bad, dark things ensue. (Limited release March 14)

  • From Dusk Till Dawn

    WATCH: From Dusk Till Dawn

    Criminals and vamps: the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino cult classic film is now a weekly show. (Debuts March 11, El Rey Network)

  • Ms. 45

    BUY: Ms. 45

    After being brutally attacked, a timid seamstress goes slaughtering sexists with a fistful of .45. Abel Ferrara’s 1981 cult classic comes to Blu-ray. (Released March 25)

  • Cosmos

    WATCH: Cosmos

    Produced by Seth MacFarlane and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, this 80s walk-through for the universe is having fresh life breathed into it. (Debuts March 9 on Fox and National Geographic)

  • Titanfall

    PLAY: Titanfall

    As a marauder, you deliver death by controlling a giant robotic soldier. The multiplayer shooter you’ve been waiting for. (Released March 11)

  • Spotify

    LISTEN: Our Spotify Playlist

    A good summer single would be nice around now ... but content yourself with an hour+ of spring’s best and brightest, from returning alt-rock vets (Kaiser Chiefs, Brody Dalle) to chart-topping collabs (Pharrell with Daft Punk, again) and a bunch of promising newcomers (Jagwar Ma, Ghost Beach).

  • Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    BUY: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    A gringo bartender and his lady of the night girlfriend headhunt in the Mexican underworld for a $1 million bounty. Sam Peckinpah’s classic comes to Blu-ray. (Released March 10)

  • Bad Words

    WATCH: Bad Words

    A dark comedy with Jason Bateman as a former spelling bee loser out to exact revenge as an adult after he finds a loophole. (Released March 28)