Meanwhile Elsewhere June 2014

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  • The Signal


    The Signal

    At heart, The Signal is a very unusual indie take on The Matrix, a steely Laurence Fishburne included. But the film never quite settles on a genre ... and keeps you constantly on your toes. (6/6)


    Ping Pong Summer: A family vacation in the '80s becomes a coming-of-age story with ping-pong, breakdancing and — of course — Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson. (6/6)

    The Rover: This year's Mad Max: The end of the world. The Australian Outback. A loner with vengeance on his mind. (6/13)

    Snowpiercer: A dystopian tale of class, destiny and axe battles that takes place entirely on a perpetual-motion train. Odd, affecting, visually arresting. (6/27)

  • OMNI


    The Mind's Eye

    Big, beautiful images abound in The Mind's Eye: The Art of OMNI, a coffee table retrospective on the science/sci-fi/design mag from the folks behind Penthouse. (6/10)


    Good Hunting: Grab a beer and sit down with stories from a former CIA director of operations. All the action and intrigue of a spy novel, none of the fiction. (6/3)

    Carsick: Would you pick up a hitchhiking John Waters? Find out what happens when America's favorite weirdo relies on the kindness of strangers on a cross-country trip. (6/3)

    Denali's HowlVeteran rescuer Andy Hall’s white-knuckle tale of a 1967 Mount McKinley climb turned seriously deadly. (6/12)

  • True Detective


    True Detective Season 1

    Deleted scenes and multiple audio commentaries highlight the Blu-ray release of True Detective's inaugural season, aka the insta-classic HBO detective bromance. (6/10)


    Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction – The renowned character actor and favorite of David Lynch gets his own arthouse doc. (Out now)

    Death Bed: The Bed That Eats – A demonic bed is at the center of this '70s horror classic, which inspired this classic rant. (Out now)

  • Valiant Hearts

    The Small Screen

    Valiant Hearts

    Broken love, World War I and graphics more suited to an artsy graphic novel than a video game. Valiant Hearts might be the most thoughtful game of the year. (6/25)


    Dominion: A TV continuation of the not-too-terrible apocalyptic thriller Legion. Angels, demons, guns. (6/19)

    Tyrant: A Middle Eastern power drama from the folks behind Homeland. (6/24)

  • Fucked Up


    F---ed Up

    With Glass Boys, Canada's F--ked Up strip away some of the narrative and orchestral excess, returning to their roots as a lo-fi bridge between classic hardcore and the sonic thump of The Who. Also, see them live. You'll be happily pummeled. (6/3)


    Led Zeppelin: The band's first three albums "super deluxed," now with bonus live tracks and unreleased demos. (6/9)

    Jack White: On Lazaretto, the former White Stripes frontman happily continues his garage/Americana/country mash-up. And that title track is ... almost hip-hop? (6/10)

  • Spotify


    June's Playlist

    The quick return of Lana Del Rey, the long awaited return of others (Morrissey, Echo and the Bunnymen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) and new tracks from Mastodon, Tiesto and more. Listen here.