Audis and Porsches and Teslas, for Rent

Turo: Airbnb for whips of all ages and styles

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Audis and Porsches and Teslas, for Rent
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23 February 2016

They say the value of a car decreases by up to 10% the moment you drive it off the lot.

Which is why it’s always best to let some other sucker buy it for you.

That’s the M.O. at Turo, a slice of sharing economy goodness that connects folks in need of wheels with folks looking to rent their car out, Airbnb style.

Some folks are earning more than $600 a month doing this. 

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Turo is the rebrand of RelayRides. It’s now available in 300 airports and 2,500 cities worldwide.

The site is as easy to use as an automatic transmission. Owners can post pics and renters can search for availability by date and model and then boom, you’re set.

But the real benefit is in their selection of cars, which number Porsches, Teslas and everything in between.

Here are some of the best rides currently available in Los Angeles.

For a Slow Drive Up the Pacific Coast Highway
Okay, so full admission: this Porsche 365 Turbo is a replica. But it still handles like a boss and can rip up the PCH. Also supports bluetooth audio, which is a nice add-on for a car that looks like it was built in the '60s.

For a Fast Drive Up the PCH
The Audi R8. It goes oh so fast. Your humble L.A. Editor had the pleasure of driving one around the backroads of Colorado. Sticks to the corners like a champ and has enough giddy-up to prevent you from being Brinkley'd.

For a Long Weekend Road Trip
The Tesla S
has style, comfort and needs exactly no gasoline, making it ideal for a road trip and a great car that will one day soon (if it's not already) be the gold standard for American autos.

For Celebrating the National Park Service's 100th Birthday
When you’re going up to Sequoia or Big Sur, you need a car that handle some off-road terrain and comfortably fit all your gear and a couple knee-highs in the back. The Mercedes Benz G Class achieves that with a heavy side of military chic.  

For That Surf Trip to San Onofre
When your correspondent off-roaded his way across the Mojave Desert from Palm Springs to Las Vegas, he did it in a Toyota Tundra. Great car for going off-piste. Also a great car for piling up surfboards and heading to San Onofre.

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