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Your Tern

The two-wheeled Transformers of the bike world

  • 14 December 2012

Everyone says that riding a bike in Los Angeles is the Charlie Bronson of pursuits, because you clearly have a death wish.

Everyone also says that while sitting in gridlock.

So when you jones for a little wind in your hair — and on a sleek ride designed for the rigors of Raymond Chandler's mean streets — get yourself a Tern, the foldable bike that fits into your back seat.

Tern is HQ'd in Long Beach. Think of their bikes as two-wheeled Transformers.

Each bike can fold into the size of one wheel within ten seconds, and each weighs about 27 pounds.

So they're manageable for kids, but also beefy enough to handle plus-sized dudes up to 6'3".

The units  range from the mountain bike-ish Joe D24, to the speedy Verge S11i.

And to each you can add an iPhone/iPod dock that'll recharge via pedal power.

So if you were waiting for the right bike, now it's your Tern.

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