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Swich: The device charger that’s, like, sexy

  • 09 September 2014

The wireless phone. Keeper of contacts. Player of music. Navigator of surface streets.

We hold thee up high.

And now we can place thee on a pedestal:

The Swich, an elegant rotating stand that not only displays our magnificent mobile devices, it charges them, too.

Made in Eastern Europe by a team of industrial designers, Swich is what you need to keep your phone charged without all the wires and trips to far-flung outlets.

It stays right there, on your desk, attentive and ready to serve.

The easy-on-the-eyes design is built with a ceramic base and mount, with an American walnut shaft. It also comes in gold.

To use, you slip your phone into their case and place it on Swich’s plate. Micro-suction technology holds it perfectly in place and you can rotate it for a landscape view.

Swich was recently funded via Kickstarter and is available now for preorder.

Go ahead. Lead the charge.

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