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Silvercar: rent Audi A4s from your phone

  • 01 October 2013

Renting a car is a hassle.

You wait in line. You talk to lazy-lidded clerks. You’re gouged by insurance costs. And after all that? Dodge Neon.

You deserve better. Introducing Silvercar, which exclusively rents silver Audi A4s ... via smartphone.

Silvercar is, in brief, an airport rental provider serving LAX, SFO and DFW (they're taking reservations now for a November 4th , LAX launch).

Say you're flying into one of their airports. You download the app, input your reservation date and time, and their chauffeur picks you up at your terminal and takes you directly to their facilities, where your silver sleigh awaits.

Once there, you flash a QR code from your phone over the windshield to unlock the door. Inside: that black leather-lined new car smell, GPS, Sirius Radio and in-car WiFi.

Drop-off is simple: just leave the car at the lot, which auto-recognizes when you drop off, and their chauffeur gives you a private lift to your terminal.

And done. No more Dodge Neons.

Nota bene: Enter code InsideHookLAX when making a reservation for discounted pricing through November. 

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