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Dapper commuter duds by Parker Dusseau

  • 10 December 2013

Biking clothes don’t usually play in L.A.

This isn’t San Fran, where – God bless ‘em – the rolled pant leg is a hallmark and sweaty cyclists skitter across streets like earnest, unloveable sherpas.

That’s why we’re wearing this: Parker Dusseau.

Dusseau makes biking duds that are as comfortable on two wheels as they are in the boardroom.

Their Commuter Suit, Commuter Dress Shirt and Commuter Chino are all woven with power-stretch lining, ventilation and moisture-wicking fabric.

The shirt has a rear spandex vent that expands, giving a yogi’s range of movement while maintaining a sharp look.

The collar pops, revealing red and grey reflective straps.

And pant legs can be pegged with an interior button to keep them out of the chain. We’ll give you that one, S.F.

Dusseau’s available starting today at Bike Effect in Santa Monica, or via their online store.

It’s as easy as riding a bicycle.

The Specifics

Parker Dusseau

visit online or at
Bike Effect
910 Broadway #100
b/t 9th St and 9th Ct

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