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Sheet Dreams

Parachute: Now delivering luxurious bedding in LA

  • 10 March 2014

Here’s one of life’s imponderables:

You wine her, you dine her, sometimes you even do something wild like getting the babysitter for an extra hour.

And then she gets to the bed and … it has ratty sheets.

Don’t do that to yourself. Instead: order from Parachute, an online retailer delivering premium linens directly to you.

Designed in LA, Parachute can airdrop you two style choices:

No. 4 Percale (compare with your softest T-shirt) or No. 8 Sateen (smooth and elegant, sans the sheen), both 400-thread count.

Note: anything above 400, the sheets have multiple plies twisted together — doubling and tripling the count without improving the quality.

Their pillowcases are envelopes, leaving no flappy fabric openings for your pillows to tumble out of. And the duvet covers have easy-to-use stays, keeping your comforter hotel-turndown puffy.

The colors are classy and soothing: crisp white, powder blue or ash.

And Parachute stresses bedding like an Italian, where they sleep naked (i.e., no top-sheet — just a duvet).

Sweet dreams.

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