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This RV delivers ice cream at -321 degrees

  • 22 May 2013

Fresh and frozen: two words that have as much business together as healthy and ice cream.

Except at NITROPOD, a 30-foot tricked-out RV serving up ice cream, sorbet and (oh yes) ice cream cocktails, now taking reservations for your summer soirée.


Conceived at Burning Man by Scot Rubin, the co-founder of the G4 Network and the All Games Network, NITROPOD uses all-natural ingredients to create creamy, made-to-order treats.

As in, while you’re standing there.

The liquid nitrogen process results in ice cream with smaller ice crystals, rendering it smoother — like gelato sans the fat.

Co-crafted by an instructor from Culinary Institute in Santa Monica, NITROPOD’s original recipes include avocado lime sorbet made with coconut cream and a rich espresso chocolate made with ChocoVivo’s 100 percent cacao beans.

You can add any ingredient you want, including alcohol.

Summer and ice cream margaritas. That goes nicely together.

The Specifics


114 Sheldon Street
(310) 853-8657
booking now for July

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