Shuck and Pied
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Shuck and Pied

Pizza and oysters from Venice's best pressed juice bar

  • 05 December 2012

Restaurants tend to stick with what they're good at. Which is why Mastro’s continues to plate the most succulent steaks, and Barney's Beanery excels at alcohol poisoning.

But for a restaurant whose culinary ambitions know no categorical boundaries, there's Craig Weiss's Local 1205.

Local 1205 is basically a slice of NYC in Venice — they've been serving up cold-pressed juices for breakfast and thinly sliced Katz's deli meats for lunch, and just now launched a dinner menu that consists solely of piping-hot pizza and raw oysters.

That dinner menu is headed by Chef Mike Fox, the pie maestro behind the Fox Pizza Bus, a Scottish transit double-decker bus outfitted with a wood-burning oven.

His Neapolitan pizzas are simple pies of perfection, offered in red or white with toppings ranging from healthy arugula to the decadent fresh-cut charcuterie meats from the deli.

As for the oysters, Local's serving sweet Puget Sound, crisp Carlsbad, and pungent Baha varieties Thursday to Saturday 3-9pm. Pizzas are served from 3-9 daily.

The service is casual. No reservations required. And you can have your order brought next door to The Otheroom so you can enjoy a little beer and wine.

Allowing you to stick to what you're good at, too.

The Specifics

Local 1205

1205 Abbot Kinney
(310) 396-6663
Dinner from 3-9pm
From $15

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