Here, Try This Music App Before Everyone You Know

Add tunes to your social media posts in a couple clicks

By The Editors

Here, Try this Music App Before Everyone You Know
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21 January 2016

They say you can’t know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.

Or, you know, browse his Instagram for a few minutes.

Here to help you make those shoes more walkable? Heartstring, a new app that allows you to easily add original music to all your social media videos.

Heartstring was started by the bandmates in bluesy rock band Filligar, one of whom has composed music for Apple, Beats by Dre and Audi. The functionality works similar to adding filters to your pics — only now you’re adding originally composed tunes.

Here's an example.

With a few clicks, the app adds cinematic, multi-genre music to 15-second videos that you can easily upload and share with your friends.

It’s currently in beta, but don’t worry — we booked you a spot. Just head over to the site, tell him who you are, and you’ll be up and running.

Then just sit back and watch the hearts roll in.

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