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The Gentleman's Handbook

Volume III: It’s wedding season. Do it proper.

  • 28 April 2014

Weddings. They tend to happen around this time of year.

Something about love being in the air ... or maybe that’s pollen.

Regardless, you’ve been invited. And regardless of your age or marital status, you’ll need to dress well. Drink well. Speak with dignity and grace.

And that’s where this comes in: The Gentleman’s Handbook, Volume III: Weddings.


  • What to Wear This Season

  • How to Make a Toast

  • How to Give a Damn Good Gift

  • And Acceptable Dance Songs That Aren’t the Electric Slide

Plus much more, including our advice regarding that all-important query: Must I go to this wedding in the first place?

Enjoy. We’ll see you on the dance floor,

The Specifics

The Gentleman's Handbook: Weddings

This one's pro bono, fella

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