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FreshDish: they send gourmet chefs to your house

  • 15 July 2013

Ah, the kitchen conundrum — so nice, so inviting ... and yet such a hassle to achieve a restaurant-quality meal. If only a professional chef could come poach the cod and roast the Brussels sprouts.

Look no further, my good man.

Introducing FreshDish, a newly launched private chef service that delivers the same Cordon Bleu-trained chefs used by Frank Ocean straight to your doorstep.

They’re up on all the dietary trends (gluten-free, paleo, Kabbalah) and nutritionists like Dana Slatkin design the recipes.

Just visit the website, where you can pick from a monthly menu or request your own recipe (Shalom, Bubbi’s matzah balls!), and set a date. They only need 24 hours notice.

They shop farmer’s markets and boutique purveyors like Santa Monica Seafood. Then they prep, cook and plate your dinner. And clean the kitchen. Your help cleans the dishes.

For an extra fee ($100-200) they can handle dinner parties of 15 or more. Just give them a heads up so they can plan for extra assistance.

Last minute dinner parties: no longer a hassle.

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(888) 559-0295
24 hour notice
from $99

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