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License to Pill

Digipill prescribes "sound pills" to help you relax

  • 26 December 2012

Between the holiday's calamitous peaks — mountains of egg nog on Christmas, mountains of liver disease by New Year's — you may wish to seek a valley of calm.

Here it is.

Introducing Digipill: a beautiful app that prescribes little "sound pills" to calm you down (and help change your unhealthy behaviors), available now.

Think of this as a psychiatrist who's only too happy to prescribe more meds.

Simply download the app — it was designed by the guys who build apps for Ferrari — then listen to the complimentary pill called "T-Break," which is "prescribed for relaxation" and narrated by a pedigreed cognitive life couch (whom we fondly refer to as "the calm fellow who sounds vaguely like Brian Cox.")

Digipill offers several other pills starting at $0.99 a pop, including:

  • Perfect Pitch — prescribed for confidence
  • Resilience — prescribed for perseverance
  • Trance Tripping — prescribed for creativity

All the pills are best received via headphones while sitting down. And no, not while driving.

Because that's no valley of calm.

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Download and listen while sitting
From $0.99

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