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Joe Nelly!

Damn tasty, made-to-order coffee from Cupio

  • 19 February 2014

First there was Folgers, which unceremoniously cowboyed up our mornings.

Then there was Starbucks, with its burnt beans and easy listening lifestyle.

And then there was third-wave coffee. The boutiques. The tasty stuff. The priestly baristas with their solemn pours.

For that level of caffeinated tastiness, we highly, highly suggest you try the nutty, full-flavored coffee of Cuipo’s Brazil Fazenda Colina.

Cuipo roasts their organic beans to order in a fluid bottom roaster, so they’re cleaner and fresher than standard fare. And they ship directly to wherever you imbibe within a week.

Cuipo (pronounced kwee-poe) was founded by a group of business savvy environmentalists with an eye on preserving rainforests in Panama and South America.

They help organizations (e.g., the L.A. Lakers) implement green policies, and also raise funds by selling merchandise, like these funky tees and socks.

And since they’re also coffee aficionados, they’re now hawking heavenly beans that do good — each bag preserves one square meter of rainforest.

We’ll raise a fresh cup to that.

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