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Driving? You should be listening to Man School.

  • 24 April 2013

Two qualities many a good man would admit he can improve: his willingness to take advice and his patience for traffic.

Here to knock out two birds with one stone:

Man School, a gut-bustingly funny podcast that drops bons mots on how to be an upstanding gentledude.

Hosted by Caleb Bacon of Sullivan & Son fame, Man School interviews celebs and semi-celebs on how they’ve dealt with life’s challenges.

Like this week’s guest, Time columnist Joel Stein, who discusses what it’s like to piss off large groups of people, like the nation of India. Or dog owners.

Shows post every Wednesday and you can listen on the Sideshow Network or download from iTunes.

Runtimes are 25-48 minutes — which we have on good authority is the length of time it takes to get anywhere in LA.

Might as well enjoy it, man.

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Man School with Caleb Bacon

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