Is This the Best New Way to Travel Between SF and LA?

Don't call it a bus. It's a "moving hotel."

By The Editors

Is This the Best New Way to Travel Between SF and LA?
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06 July 2017

Maybe you fly private. Maybe you have a helicopter. Or a teleportation machine. 

Otherwise, getting from S.F. to L.A. is the worst. 

Pick your poison: an interminable drive, or the frisk-and-wait excitement of the flight. 

But now there's a third option. 

When we say "moving hotel," what do you think? 

Do you think of a bus with individual (and really: no buddying up here) sleeping compartments? Wifi? Electrical outlets? For $115 each way? 

This is Cabin, a start-up looking to disrupt the unreleneting hassle that is getting from S.F. to L.A.

Board at 11 PM, arrive around 7 AM — without the trouble of getting to an airport. (Or to Emeryville, for the S.F. commencement of the half-day sightseeing trip known as Amtrak. Note to state for future infrastructure investment: Any bullet trains Japan can do, surely we can do better?) 

In S.F., you'll climb on in SoMa; in L.A., in Santa Monica. 

Can it be worse than the existing options? 

We say give it a go — it's perfect for, say, a weekend of discovery. And when you get there, plan a day with these suggestions from our S.F. editor, Diane Rommel.

Check into the Hotel Vitale, right on the Embarcadero, and drop off your bags — it's just six blocks from Cabin's set-down point. Take a look at the Americano on your way to reception — you'll be coming back to the hotel's bar later for drinks. If you followed our advice, it's Saturday morning, and the farmer's market at the Ferry Building is open. Provision. 

Let's spend the day on the bay. Maybe you want to paddle to McCovey Cove, next to the ballpark. Maybe you want to explore South Beach. You might even want to float to the James Taylor concert, if it's July 29, 2017. You might just want to pick up the basics of kayaking in the bay. In all of these scenarios, City Kayak, at Pier 40, is where to go. This is not, fairly hysterically, next to Pier 39, as they point out on their website — head south. 

If we had to tell people to go to one bar in the city, it will always be the 500 Club. (Perhaps preceded by snacks at El Techo.) The best meal in town, for the moment? Atelier Crenn. You'll need an Uber (or BART ride) to get to any of these. But if you're looking for a great dinner closer to home, though, there's plenty in SoMa. We'd head to Marlowe and its new Champagne-bar sibling, Petit Marlowe

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