The 7 Best Meals — Out of More Than 300 — at DineLA

Permission to forgo healthy resolutions granted

By Reuben Brody

The 7 Best Meals — Out of More Than 300 — at DineLA
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10 January 2018

Did you resolve to save more money in 2018?

Well, good news if you also resolved to eat well, too: DineLA kicks off this Friday.

That means we’re staring down the barrel of two straight weeks of heavily discounted tasting menus at some 300 local restaurants.

Yes, there’s a lot to choose from. So we went ahead and winnowed it to down to seven can’t-miss tasting menus.

Bon appètit.

E.P. & L.P.
West Hollywood
Situation: Getting rowdy with some friends
Thing 1 not to be missed: The red vegetable curry will warm thy belly
Thing 2: Sticky spare ribs


Sherman Oaks
Situation: Client dinner or a group date
Thing not to be missed: Tiger shrimp that are bigger than your palm and bursting with flavor
Thing 2: Laundry salad


Situation: Romantic date; a good way to impress your foodie friends
Thing not to be missed: Lamb shoulder with pecorino
Thing 2:  The seasonal vegetable salad


Cal Mare
Beverly Hills
Situation: Break from shopping; pre-movie dinner
Thing not to be missed: Sea urchin pasta with cauliflower
Thing 2: Brick-pressed chicken


West Hollywood
Situation: Festive group date
Thing not to be missed: Let the Beet Drop, a playful beet salad that’s creamy and crunchy
Thing 2: King salmon with brown butter


Hancock Park
Situation: Dinner at one of L.A.’s best restaurants
Thing not to be missed: It’s mostly a tasting menu, but get the duck
Thing 2: All of it


Fishing with Dynamite
Manhattan Beach
Situation: A lunch
Thing not to be missed: Fish tacos on homemade tortillas crunch-ified with chicharrones
Thing 2: The raw platter


Main Images by Dylan + Jeni

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