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Best of March

Bugattis. "Kittens." No-stink shirts. Let's review.

  • 28 March 2014

The Sexual EliteThe Sexual Elite
Britannia, we have a lot to thank you for. The Stones. Naomi Campbell. Dr. Who. Tasty brews that aren’t Budweiser. And now: high class orgies. Introducing Killing Kittens, a British sex club advertised as an Eyes Wide Shut for the sexual elite.

The Art of Bugatti, a high-octane exhibit of the fanciest hand-welded automobiles gracing God’s great blacktop, is now showing at the Mullin Automotive Museum. These are the cars of the 1%.

A Romantic FlowchartA Romantic Flowchart
Because every man needs a plan, and some of us need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman's most pressing lifestyle questions. Like where to eat for a little romance. Sally forth.

Less Stanky StankLess Stanky Stank
After all those lateral pulls, a man’s workout shirt smells like it’s been dipped, Labyrinth-like, into the Gym Bag of Eternal Stench. Making sure you always smell so fresh and so clean: Silver Air by Y Athletics.

Buy These SunniesBuy These Sunnies
Australia: they have the best surf. They have the best sun. Consequently, they have some of the best sunnies. To wit: OTIS, sturdy, fashionable sunglasses, now offered in the U.S of A.

And from our Beach, Style and Basketball Department:

Spring StyleSpring Style Issue
Every spring, we men get to throw off the woolen yoke of outerwear and wear some muthaf^%*in shorts. Simplify. Relax. Here's your guide to all that: The InsideHook Spring Style Issue, dropped yesterday.

The 10 Best Beaches for Spring TravelThe 10 Best Beaches for Spring Travel
Fellas, allow us to present a modus operandi for picking your first spring getaway. Before you go off half-cocked and book that all-inclusive getaway for two to Atlantis, consult InsideHook’s 10 Best Beaches for Spring Travel.

The 16 Best Basketball FilmsThe 16 Best Basketball Films
Slap hands! The brackets have arrived. And with them, passionate arguments. So in that spirit, we offer The Street Sixteen: the best basketball court dialogue scenes (from non-basketball movies*). Check it out.

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