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Best of February

Wallets, shoes and Laguna Beach. Let’s review.

  • 28 February 2014

The BlackacreThe Blackacre
The California bad-boy look of the '50s and '60s will always be around. Take that to the bank. Your go-to outfitter for that kind of heritage leather: The Blackacre, making custom goods inspired by the Golden State’s golden era. Read on.

Prince, The Early YearsPrince, The Early Years
Before he was a Love Symbol, and even before he dropped that whole “Roger Nelson” part of his name, Prince was a scrappy teen piping his funky falsetto on the mean streets of Minneapolis. We’ve got the pics to prove it. Read on.

You can tell a lot about a man from his kicks. Where he works, how active he is and whether he has the aesthetic sense of a mewling man-baby. For the man who wants to stay active without looking like Turtle, we give you Cordwain. Read on.

Laguna Beach GetawayLaguna Beach Getaway
Given that it has (finally) rained and the beaches are happily bereft of water-hogging tourists, now is a perfect time to visit Laguna. We recommend you hike the sandstone caves, grab an Argentinian burger and visit North Menswear. Read on.

Temperatures of late are like Time Warner service during the Super Bowl: a bit inconsistent. You need options. The jackets you should have on hand: a shacket from Apolis, a baracuta from Mohawk Man and a denim blazer from UNIONMADE. Read on.

And from our booze and underoos department:

Sex SurveySex Survey Results
A month ago we asked you to answer a few questions about sex. More than 10,000 of you responded. Then we tabulated the results and cross-referenced them by relationship status and location. Check it out.

Winter Cocktail QuarterlyWinter Cocktail Quarterly
In the winter, nothing’ll warm you like a woman’s love. Failing that, a stiff drink. So we compiled some recipes for our Cocktail Quarterly, also known as the let’s-just-stay-inside-and-drink edition. Check it out.

Lingerie GuideLingerie Buying Guide
Purchasing frilly bedroom-wear is a riddle of Rumsfeldian proportions. But there are a few simple things every man can do to ease his (and her) pain. Herein: those things. Happy shopping. Check it out.

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