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The only MP3 streaming stereo you’ll ever need

  • 13 November 2012

MP3s: you can pack a lot of them in a small space, but they sound awful. They're like children that way.

Here to make every MP3 you own sound like an adults-only  symphony at the Wiltern: the PerfectWave DAC II, available now at Ahead Stereo.

Here's the deal with the PerfectWave: it converts MP3s to analog sound that lovingly strokes your 'buds with lossless audio.

It connects to your amp like any other component, and uses a sci-fi-like array of modulators to pull in MP3s from any device (iPod, CD player, etc.) and smooth out any conversion.

And here's the deal with Ahead Stereo: they're extreme audiophiles, with a Cusack-ian dedication to high fidelity — i.e., each staffer personally vets their products, and has at least 10 years of audio experience.

The rest of Ahead's equipment is similarly top-notch, ranging from the Dali’s Epicon 6 (speaker towers with room-filling oomph) to Bowers & Wilkins’ new Diamond Series, outfitted with an external tweeter, which eliminates vibrations caused by bass.

And should you need pro guidance, Ahead's experts will design and install a stereo setup specifically for your home.

So when those tiny kids are away, dad can play.

The Specifics

Ahead Stereo

7428 Beverly Blvd.
at S. Vista St.
(323) 931-8873
From $100 and up

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