Habits of the Highly Effective Rulebreaker

Habits of the Highly Effective Rulebreaker

A Gentleman's Handbook

  • Brought to you by Maestro Dobel® Tequila

“Know the rules well, so that you can break them effectively.”

Wise words from one Mr. Lama, first name Dalai.

Because a gent looking to stand out these days isn’t gonna get there by playing by the book.

Whether it’s ascending the business ladder more effectively, turning heads with your personal style, or knocking the socks off your date, you need to know the status quo and how to properly buck it.

Thus we present our Gentleman’s Handbook: Habits of the Highly Effective Rulebreaker, a handy guide to doing just that in every arena of your life, in partnership with our rulebreakin’ friends at Maestro Dobel®.










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