Products of the Week: Titanium Knives, Waxed Jackets and a Piaget Polo Relaunch

The 11 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

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From sneakers to EDC, this is the best stuff to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week

By The Editors

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: The James Brand drops a $750 titanium EDC, Flint and Tinder launches a stretchy field jacket and Piaget reboots the classic Polo timepiece.

The latest addition to Flint and Tinder’s venerable lineup of waxed jackets, this Ripstop Field Jacket introduces a whole new element to the classic workwear style: stretch. Introducing a touch of spandex into the classic 8oz waxed canvas shell blend, the style promises extended mobility and movement, perfect for swinging an axe, or, more likely, collecting your matcha latte from the cafe counter.

Just when you thought coquette-core gurus and reigning hottest brand on earth Miu Miu couldn’t get any better, the Prada offshoot just had to go and yassify our favorite dad sneaker. Making over the iconic 574 with denim, suede and a whole lot of sparkly charm, the Italian x American collab is proof that whatever borders between sneaker culture and high fashion left have officially fallen. You’ll fave to scrounge up $1,700 to cop a pair, though.

Brian Eno, the iconic musician/producer, is also a visual artist. Here, he puts all this talents to use via a colorful record player, where the platter and base phase through combinations of generative and random “colorscapes.” Only 20 were made, and they’ll set you back nearly $26,000.

One of three new expressions in the rum house’s Rare Blends Collection — the other two being Barceló Imperial Mizunara Cask and Barceló Imperial Maple Cask — sees a rum undergo additional aging in Tawny 10 port wine barrels from Portugal. It reportedly has aromas of fig, wild fruit jams, English butterscotch and dried cherries with a persistent wood nose…and goes well with fine cigars and aged cheeses.

Seth Rogen’s artful weed accessory brand Houseplant is expanding its empire into stimulants. That is, coffee. “After all, you can’t wake and bake, without first being awake,” says Rogen. Touché. But this isn’t any ol’ bag o’ beans: they’ve partnered with Cometeer on flash-frozen coffee that comes in capsules (not pods!) that you simply melt to enjoy.

Speaking of coffee, Snow Peak’s titanium mugs are indestructible and discrete, making them ideal for outdoor excursions and hardwearing campers. The only issue? They get really hot. The new “HotLips” addition introduces a Silicone tab to making drinking out of these joints bearable. Que listo!

This luxury collection features two bespoke limited-edition accessories — THE DROP Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves. Of note, the pouch was partially inspired by the unique shape of the 10 mL THE DROP, as well as the original flask acquired by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, which became the first LOUIS XIII decanter.

Details are scant, but it looks like Wilson’s 3D-printed Airless Gen1 Basketball might just be the future. Utilizing a “3D-printed polymer lattice structure to replicate the bounce, flight, and feel of a traditional basketball,” the limited-edition drop arrives on 2/16. Stay tuned.

Nick Offerman’s woodworking shop partnered with the Ohio-based design studio Artifact, known for their small-batch, U.S.-made goods, on what appears to be an extremely hard-wearing apron. Made of thick waxed canvas and featuring horween leather straps, it’ll last forever if properly cared for. It’s been customized with multiple pen/pencil-shaped pockets up top, but there’s no reason you couldn’t wear it in the kitchen if you don’t happen to have a woodworking shop.

The original Piaget Polo, released in 1979, felt like the sort of historic timepiece that was best left in the past. A quartz-powered gold bracelet that pushed the ‘80s power watch as close as it could get to pure jewelry, would Piaget really be able to bring that sort of design into the 21st century with any success? Looking at the new Piaget Polo 79, which is being released as part of the company’s 150th anniversary celebration, that qualm has certainly been silenced. Upgraded to a larger 38mm case and ultra-thin automatic movement, this 18-karat yellow gold refresh is looking to be one of the most coveted releases of the year. Although, at $73,000, you can be sure it won’t be oversaturated. 

In the year of our lord 2024, $749 will get you…a 7.8″ pocket knife. To be fair, this EDC from The James Brand is something special: made with a machined 6AL4V titanium billet and 3.5″ Bohler M390 stainless steel blade — the blade material equivalent to liquid gold — the knife is a literal work of art. And sold out.

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