Father's Day Gift Guide

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  • Father's Day
  • Vices

    The Man of Many Vices

    1. Ratio Eight
    More lab than kitchen: an elegant walnut and nickel-plated aluminum java maker with a cork-capped carafe. 

    2. Ole Smoky Charred Moonshine
    OS's signature moonshine (105 proof) is aged 3-4 months in toasted bourbon barrels to give it a charred character, then packaged in traditional Mason jars.

    3. Ammodor Humidors
    Repurposed ammo boxes converted into rugged cigar humidors. Durable, waterproof and handmade in the U.S.A. with Spanish cedar. Bonus: a portion of all proceeds go to veteran organizations. 

  • The Hobbyist

    The Hobbyist

    1. Travelteq Watch Roll
    A leather roll for your chronological filing, made by hand in Italy with Florentine Vachetta leather and a soft Alcantara lining.

    2. D’Angelico Guitars
    A legacy axe brand, revived after 50 years with all the original specs ... and approval from Eric Clapton.

    3. Parrot AR Drone 2.0
    Because drones are the new model airplanes. The moneymaker: a built-in flight recorder that captures HD video and pics.

  • Mr. Home Improvement

    Mr. Home Improvement

    1. Best Made Hudson Bay Axe
    Designed and produced in the US of A, with an extra-slim Appalachian hickory handle and drop-forged high-carbon steel head. Both our favorite axe, and specially priced for Father's Day.

    2. Maker Dad
    A book full of DIY projects for dads to enjoy with daughters. Because the coolest dads know how to make a lunchbox guitar.

    3. Waxed Canvas Shop Apron
    A quality wax-coated work apron with a plethora of pockets to keep "all the daily necessities close at hand."

  • Mr. Self Improvement

    Mr. Self Improvement

    1. Satchel & Page Journal
    A beautiful journal made of veggie-tanned baseball-mitt-soft leather and 90 pages of unruled natural paper. The perfect place to track performance or jot down the next great idea.

    2. Men in Cities Jump Rope
    A small, effective, take-it-anywhere workout in rich burgundy. 

    3. Bulletproof CEO Coffee Kit
    Bulletproof’s combination of coffee with fatty acids gets you laser-focused without the peaks and valleys of standard joe.

    4. Creativity, Inc.
    For the man who's always looking for ways to become truly incredible — like Pixar Incredible — get the new book by Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull ... who, oddly, celebrates the benefits of failure.

  • Doomsday Prepper

    The Doomsday Prepper

    1. Rhino Tactical Tomahawk
    Originally designed for the Aussie Special Forces, this combo claw/cutting head/chisel/pry is a one-stop tool for your Mad Max future.

    2. Sword and Plough Rucksack
    A ruck made from repurposed military materials and accented with American leather, this urban 'sack is waterproof and nearly indestructible. 

    3. S3 Spyder III Laser
    The world's first handheld laser, cased in aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring an optional LaserSaber attachment ... which is exactly what you think it is.

  • The Grillkeeper

    The Grillkeeper

    1. Tender Belly Bacon
    Maple and spice rubbed pork goodness from Iowa. And possibly the best bacon we've ever tasted.

    2. Pointer Brand Grilling Apron
    A heavy-duty apron cut from hickory stripe denim, with enough pockets to hold all of his favorite tools.

    3. Pit Barrel Cooker
    A no-fuss 30-gallon vertical steel cooker that rides the line between smoker and grill.

  • Swinger

    The Swinger

    1. Ghost Spider SI
    Give dad a gift with some weight: this counterbalanced putter is heavier in all the right places, meaning more birdies and less agony. 

    2. Criquet Shirts Player's Polo
    Before he even steps into the clubhouse, he needs to look the part. Works off the green, too.

    3. BirdieBox
    Like Birchbox for golf fanatics. And this curated set of Father's Day goodies (white polo shirt, visor, golf balls, etc.) comes courtesy of two-time Masters champ Bubba Watson.

  • The iDad

    The iDad

    1. Sony a7s
    Real sons don't let dads Instagram. Instead, get him this full-frame mirrorless Sony. 4K video capabilities and the best low-light shooter money can buy.

    2. Shinola Runwell Chrono | Partner
    Handsome, old-school looks with high-tech guts. Entirely hand-assembled in Detroit, including the Argonite 5021 high-accuracy quartz movement that drives the hours, minutes, date indicator, stopwatch function and multiple subdials.

    3. Grain Audio PWS
    Plastic is for credit cards, not music. Hear tracks for the first time with the power of this wood grain wireless speaker. PLUS: 20% discount for InsideHook readers.

  • The Globetrotter

    The Globetrotter

    1. Harry's Engraved Winston Set
    A month of perfect shaving in a box. And that aluminum alloy handle is both lightweight and eye-catching.

    2. Ralph Lauren Passport Holder
    Call this the gentleman's passport holder: a sturdy metal body with protective leather interior keeps your travel docs safe.

    3. The Brentford Weekender
    A combo of sturdy harness leather and lightly waxed twill canvas. Spacious on the inside, buckled pockets on the outside. Handsome, rugged and durable, just like pop-pop.

  • The Clotheshound

    The Clotheshound

    1. Stock/InsideHook
    Get him a wardrobe to rival his reading material. Get him a button-down, work shirt or trench coat designed by InsideHook with our friends at Stock Mfg Co.

    2. Martenero Ace
    Waterproof, customizable and carefully crafted, this limited-edition chronograph (only 1,000 made) is understated and perfect for summer.

    3. Ministry of Supply Archive Dress Shirt
    Keep him cool. This classic-looking button-down is crafted from space-age synthetics that wick away sweat and dry quickly (notice the tiny, laser-cut pit vents).

    4. Jamie Feinstein Tie Bar
    Crafted from brushed sterling silver, each JF tie bar is literally unique: the bar's wood grain metal patterns are each one-of-a-kind.

  • If Only



    Make Dad's year with some impossible-to-get gifts and special experiences. IfOnly is a members-only site, but we've got a guy: enter code "InsideHook" to get access.

    1. Cocktail of the Month Collection
    Hand-signed recipes by IfOnly's roster of 35 star mixologists, collected in a polished lacquered recipe box.

    2. Balloon Expedition Over Everest
    Balloon 30,000 feet over the world's highest peak with the first crew to ever do so.

    3. Things a Little Birdie Told Me
    For the entrepreneur in your life, a hand-signed copy of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's treatise on the power of creativity. 


  • Remington


    1816 by Remington

    1. Leverick Bay Linen Shirt
    A pure linen shirt that effortlessly moves from sail to shore, with sleeve tabs to keep you cool long into the night.

    2. Great Plains Bison Belt
    Bison hides treated with an earth-friendly “wet-white” tanning process to keep their unique markings intact. This belt will last for years.

    3. Explorer Vest
    Travel like an angler or photojournalist: with two chest pockets, two hip pockets and a huge front body pocket fit for the Sunday Times, everything is right at hand.