Vehicles | November 14, 2020 2:35 pm

Porsche Offers Glimpse of Previously-Unseen Hypercars

The automaker promises that more images are on the way

Porsche 919 Street
The Porsche 919 Street.
Stefan Bogner/Porsche

When exploring the world of automakers, sometimes the cars that aren’t made can be just as fascinating as the one that are — if not more so. The world of concept cars abounds with roads not taken, pardon the pun, but it also allows observers to see how certain technology or design features were developed.

Porsche in particular has a long and storied history of high-profile concept cars, one of which may have saved the company as it currently exists. So it isn’t surprising to learn that Porsche’s library of concept cars abounds with other bold designs — and the storied automaker has just released images of a few more, offering auto enthusiasts a glimpse of the hypercars that might have been.

On Friday, Porsche announced the first part of their “Unseen” series, which would “[open] the gates to development center’s secret archives.” The images span 6 years, with the oldest being 2013’s Porsche 917 Living Legend. Several of these concept cars — the Vision 918 RS, the Vision 920 an the Vision E — date back all the way to 2019.

What can we take away from all of this? In an article at AutoBlog, Ronan Glon draws some conclusions. Glon notes that the automaker’s “well of ideas on how to move performance forward hasn’t run dry.” Glon speculates that the concept cars “show Porsche is already thinking about its next hypercar.”

The cars are a striking bunch, including the Porsche Vision 920, intended to “combine the formal language of Porsche’s road sports cars with the functional design of a prototype racing car.” The Porsche 919 Street, from 2017, takes the basic concept of the 919 Hybrid and uses it for “a special series for private racing drivers.”

The images and descriptions offer plenty of insight into the design process; they’re also an impressive cataloging of what might have been.