Vehicles | September 17, 2022 5:40 pm

National Drive Electric Week Starts Up Later This Month

Looking for more information on electric vehicles? One of these events might have you covered.

Looking to learn more about the world of electric vehicles?
Michael Fousert/Unsplash

Could your next car, SUV or truck be electric rather than gasoline-powered? Numerous automakers around the world are staking their futures on the idea that auto buyers will answer that question in the affirmative. If you’re based in the United States, you may well have the added incentive of tax credits to sweeten the prospect of going electric.

That said, switching from an internal combustion vehicle to an electric one can involve a few changes in everyday routines as well, from having a better sense of where to charge it to discovering what other variations there might be on familiar automotive themes.

As Engadget reports, a number of groups with an incentive in getting more people driving electric vehicles — including the Sierra Club and Nissan — are taking the initiative to educate drivers about what they can expect if their next car is electric.

National Drive Electric Week will begin on September 23 and run through October 3, and will feature a combination of online and in-person events ranging from education about electric vehicles to information sessions on the latest technology available out there.

The event’s website features a searchable database of events by location, which include everything from seminars on different vehicles to electric vehicle owners discussing their own experience with their cars or trucks. It certainly seems like a good way to get more drivers thinking about an electrically-powered future.